Saturday, October 23, 2010

Really Simple Doors

Here is a quick tutorial on building very basic doors. These doors will fit in a standard pd01.rwx and similar door frames. Users will be able to walk through them.

Step 1: Find a doorway.

Step 2: Create a "doorpic2.rwx" object and place it in the doorway. You can use a "doorpic2a.rwx" object instead to give it some thickness. You may have to use shift clicks to get the door into place.

Step 3: Give it a nice texture. Good textures to use are "thdoor1" through to "thdoor7". So add the code "create texture thdoorx" where 'x' is the number you want to use.

Step 4: Add the code "; solid off" to allow users to walk through it. Remember the semicolon. An example of the full code is "create texture thdoor3; solid off".

An example of a completed door
Your door is now complete!

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